Quality of babywraps by Polskie Chusty

We have two main priorities : Polskie Chusty are beautiful and practical. Beauty – it’s perfect design. Practicalities – depends on the quality of fabrics and workmanship; we achieve it by selecting the type of yarn as well as the place and methods of production.

Manufacturing of babywraps

Our wraps are woven in Poland and sewn in a Polish sewing rooms. We care very much about the quality of each component necessary for their implementation.

Safety of the yarn

Polish Wraps woven from selected, high-quality yarn, marked with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® mark. This means that the yarn meets the highest requirements for products dedicated to children.

Ring slings – won’t the ring break?

The manufacturer of the rings that we use for the production of ring slings guarantees their durability based on strength tests. The aluminum wheels withstand a tensile force exceeding 11 kN. Who cares about physics? One newton is the force required to give a mass of one kilogram an acceleration of one meter per second squared. That is? To break the circle, we need to apply the force needed to accelerate an object weighing more than 11 tons to a speed of 1 m/s in 1 second (no friction). Something more pictorial? In order to break the ring in the Earth’s gravitational field, we would have to suspend something weighing over 1 ton* from it.

*Nothing like scarves created by engineers.

Cotton yarn

Cotton is a natural fiber of plant origin, obtained from the seeds of the cotton bush, which grows in the subtropics. In the seed capsule, there are seeds covered with short hairs – cotton fibers, which grow and lengthen during the maturation of the plant, eventually leading to the breaking of the capsule. Then you can see bundles similar to cotton wool.

The great advantage is very good hygienic properties – high moisture absorption, thanks to which products made of thin cotton are perfect for the summer. Brushed fabrics made of cotton, such as flannel, contain a lot of air, which gives good insulation in the cold months. It easily absorbs water and sweat, which is why it works well in children’s clothes, diapers, underwear, dressing materials, clothing and towels. The properties of cotton also make it perfect for the production of baby wraps. It is nice to the touch and soft, suitable for warm and cold days.

Cotton is easy to care for. The high tensile strength of the fibers, which increases when wet, makes them easy to wash and wring out. More information on washing cotton wraps can be found here.