How to look after the wrap

Baby wraps are utility fabrics. We design and manufacture them in such a way that their functionality is equal to the aesthetic aspect. We try to make them as practical as possible, and taking care of them – as simple as possible and requiring as little attention as possible. Below you will find tips on how to take care of the swrap so that you can use it in perfect condition for a long time.

This beautiful strip of fabric can be not only a baby carrier, but also a nap blanket, a hammock for older siblings, a play tent, a picnic blanket, a beach screen – you are limited only by your imagination. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention, and the frequently used scarf will repay itself with ever greater softness and flexibility.

How to wash the wrap

The high-quality fabric is resistant to dirt, which does not mean, that it will never happen. It is not necessary to wash the scarves often, but depending on the frequency and type of use, each wrap must be washed. We also recommend washing it before the first time. The method of washing depends on the composition of the wrap. Details can be found on the label sawn to the wrap. Check out the washing instruction below :

Washing cotton wraps

Wash your 100 percent cotton wrap at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C using detergents for delicate fabrics, preferably the ones that you use for washing baby clothes. Do not chlorinate or bleach , do not use softeners. Do not dry clean the scarf or tumble dry. Iron up to 150 ° C. Dry in vertical or horizontal position.

Explanation of tag symbols

Details on how to safely wash the wrap can be found on the label in the form of symbols. You don’t know what they mean? We didn’t know either. That’s why we’ve included a small cheat sheet here:

Use a washing cycle for delicate fabrics, at the maximum temperature indicated inside the symbol.

Do not use bleach. Wash with a mild detergent or color-matching detergent.

Avoid tumble drying.

Use a medium hot iron.

You can dry the fabric in a vertical position.