How to choose a proper size

Woven wraps

Woven wraps by Polskie Chusty are produced in three sizes (lengths). Check how to choose the size of the scarf that is most suitable for you to enjoy wearing it to the fullest:

5 | S | 4.2 m – The sling most suitable for smaller mums for various types of ties or parents of average height who want to use ties that do not require a significant length of material.

6 | M | 4.6 m – Usually the first choice. A sling suitable for all children and most parents of average build, allowing you to make almost all types of ties.

7 | L | 5.2 m – A sling that allows a variety of ties for parents wearing clothes in sizes above 42/44. Also for dads with more muscles.

A little note: don’t worry if the wrap shrinks slightly (7-9%) during washing. It’s normal. This does not affect the selection of the size and usability of the sling, according to the rules described here. More information on washing wraps can be found on the “How to care for a wrap” page.

Ring slings

We sew ring slings in one standard size of 1.85 m. This length is enough to use the ring sling in its standard tying by each person.

How to choose the size of your dream baby wrap?

When choosing a size, follow the basic rules:

  • We choose the size of the scarf to the wearer, not the size of the child. We usually follow the size of the parent’s clothes.
  • When choosing a size, we also take into account the type of bindings we want to use. Bindings such as Kangaroo carry or Rucksack carry do not require much material, we can successfully tie them with shorter wraps. Front wrap cross carry requires a longer sling. Each decorative bow at the end of the tie will require another piece of fabric.
  • A longer wrap is more universal, we can tie any tie with it, but it may turn out that we will have long skirts. Some will like them, they expose a beautiful scarf pattern. For others, they will simply be impractical.

The selected wrap size is not available?

Wrap selected, but your size is not available? You have two options: contact us – we will check what we can do in this matter – or, check the availability of a size larger sling. A slightly longer wrap should not be a problem. However, if you don’t like the longer fabric – shortening the wrap is not difficult, and you can conjure up beautiful wrap accessories from the leftovers – yourself or find someone who specializes in it.