About us

Polskie Chusty means Polish Baby Wraps.

Where did the Polish Baby Wraps come from?

It starts innocently. You come across a picture of a baby wrapped in a sling, you pass a parent with a baby in a sling on the street or you hear from someone: “Have you heard that a child can be carried in a sling?”. You enter “carrying in baby wraps” in the search engine and … you are lost.

That’s what happened to me 7 years ago. The world of wraps looked completely different than it does today, but the knowledge about modern carrying was already available and well-established. I started, probably like most hbabywearing mothers of that time, from the so-called “striped wrap” and questions: “I have a wrap, what now?” Looking for sources of knowledge, I came across a babywearing workshop and found out how developing a meeting with an advisor and other parents who use babywearing can be. The first cotton striped wrap soon ceased to be enough. There was a craving for jacquards and testing admixtures. And somewhere in the back of my head, an idea sprouted to not only use wraps, but also have an impact on how they look.

Children grow up fast, the end of carrying the own baby comes faster than we have time to enjoy everything we would like to wear. Everyday life suppressed the dream of creating for a moment, but it returned with the second baby. It came back with such force that it was no longer possible to resist it. First slowly, then at an increasing pace. The wrap project was gaining momentum.

You don’t have to look far for what is close. So much around us delights and inspires. With children, we learn to enjoy the simplest things. We crave simplicity. And we see how little we need. Proximity, a bit of respite, more beauty around. I wish that’s what Polish Scarves were like.


Originator and organizer of Polish Scarves. Engineer, doctor of technical sciences, navigator, sailor, promoter of ocean research, but above all a mother. Fascinated by weaving as a perfect combination of engineering and art. Passionate about babywearing, an accredited consultant for babywearing in slings and soft carriers of the Babywearing Academy.


She has been drawing since she can remember. He loves creating structures and composing colors. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, majoring in Design. He knows the fabric from the industrial and craft side. She designed patterns for hotel carpets, carpets for sale in chain stores and clothing embroidery. Weaving by hand and traditional folk methods. She created permanent and temporary museum exhibitions, as well as her own artistic installations, exploring the relationships between structures, colors and cultural conditions. She finds the essence of design in wraps – a combination of functionality and beauty.